Commercial Insulation Dallas

Commercial Insulation Dallas TX

Are you ready to Start your Commercial Insulation Project? EHI is your professinal Commercial Insulation Dallas Specialist, We offer services in Dallas , Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Whether you are building a school, an office building, hospital, restaurant or metal building, you are going to need professional commercial insulation. At EHI, we provide a wide array of services for your insulation needs. We offer complimentary  consulting to ensure the correct product and application is best for your project. We offer value engineering to keep your project on budget and on time.

Our team has worked with builders, business owners and property managers for a variety of commercial and industrial insulation projects. No matter your needs, we have the right product. Our team installs a variety of insulation materials and other products, including:

  • Fiberglass ( batt, blown-in and rigid board)
  • Radiant barrier
  • Rigid foam
  • MIneral wool curtain walls
  • Slab-edge fire stopping applications

EHI Commercial Insulation Dallas Contractors has the experience, understanding and expertise necessary to be competitive while consistently meeting the needs of our customers.

Building Insulation Contractors in the Dallas, TX and surrounding  Areas.

From start to finish, when we install insulation in a building, our trained staff of professionals will get the job done right and help you meet your project’s budget and goals.

Whether you need to insulate an office, warehouse or other industrial metal building, you can count on the EHI Insulation Contractors team.

To learn more, Give us a call at 972-552-0200 or fill out the form on our CONTACT US page for a prompt response.


Thermal Batt Insulation
With  20+ years in the industry, EHI has done it all.  With fiberglass thermal batts, we can offer custom solutions that ensure comfort and sustainability while maximizing LEED performance.

Slab Edge Fire-stopping
Fire ratings and UL assemblies have become increasingly complex throughout the years.  EHI Insulation understands the importance of meeting code requirements while mutually providing the safest environment for tenants and owners.  Utilizing UL systems and engineering judgements from the top manufacturers, we will be your lead contact in solving unique problems in order to provide proper hourly ratings at floor assemblies.

Rigid Fiberglass Board
From theater applications to office sound control, rigid boards can provide the finished look while reducing reflective sound.  EHI Insulation will provide high-end results for every application.

Curtain Wall Insulation
Today’s architecture and design has stretched the application and installation of curtain wall insulation.  From high-rise construction to public schools, EHI has the application that is right for you.  Installations include spandrel glass locations, curtain wall stud assemblies and slab edge conditions. 

Acoustical Batt Insulation
Utilizing Johns Manville fiberglass acoustical batts, EHI can offer a wide array of acoustical products.  Reduce sound transmission between offices, walls, and ceilings with our cost effective fiberglass solutions.

Metal Building Insulation
We custom order for every application, so you receive the perfect fit for every application.  Each building is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to each and every task.

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Commercial Insulation Dallas